Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Weird Al

I was in elementary school in the early to mid eighties, so Weird Al Yankovic came along at just the right time for me. I'll admit to owning In 3-D on vinyl. But I can honestly say I never expected him to last into the next millennium. That's what he likes about those high school nerds - he gets older, and they stay the same age. Yes they do.

So here he is in his debut network TV performance on Tom Snyder's Tomorrow Show.

And here he is "interviewing" Keith Richards, which I think would be funny even without the trick editing - Keith is so quintessentially Keith.

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Squelch said...

"In 3-D"! Man! I still remember the polka whenever I hear "My G-G-G-Generation" by the Who... Mine was on casette.

Incidentally, my word verification today is "bmcuz," which is what Luke Duke said when Bo asked him why he was going to the bathroom. Thank you, I'm here all week!