Tuesday, June 05, 2007

MeTube Extra: I'm Published!

Nothing big, I hasten to note, but still just as fun as when Maxim printed my letter to the editor ten years ago (I noted that Slap Shot, their choice for #1 guy movie, was written by a woman).

I found a clip on YouTube of Dave Roberts stealing second base. This is a big deal for two reasons:

1) It happened in the bottom of the ninth, in the 2004 American League Championship Series between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees. He was then singled home, and the Sox went on to win the game, the series, and the world championship. It's arguably the most important stolen base in history.

2) This footage was taken from the stands by a fan. It's a bit shaky and totally silent - as a commenter noted, it's like the Zapruder film, only with a happy ending. And it's really neat to see it from a completely new angle.

I forwarded the clip to Bill Simmons, the Sports Guy, and a few days later he posted it in his new column, along with my one sentence description. It's at number 7, if you want to read it here.

Of course, if you just want to see the magic moment, feast your eyes directly below.

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