Saturday, June 16, 2007

I don't know art, but I know what I like

I went to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, not to look at the Cezanne (though that was nice too), but to see the Edward Hopper exhibit. He's one of my favorite painters; his use of real and artificial light blows me away, and the way he can make two people so close to each other so remote from each other is something I really envy. He's great with moments; it's like his paintings aren't short stories, but the best sentences in those short stories.

Here's an eight and a half minute slide show of some of his best work, set to Benny Goodman's "Sing Sing Sing" (go, Krupa!), with a poem at the end. High culture - the MeTube way.

But that's not enough - I've also turned up another slide show (excuse the redundancies) set to the Velvet Underground...

...and a third, to the strains of Lucinda Williams.

Don't ask me to choose the best. Please.

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