Friday, June 22, 2007

Animated handectomy

The comic strip "Maakies" by Tony Millionaire doesn't make it into too many family newspapers, what with its jokes about suicide, STDs, and drinking beyond excess. It's worth finding the alternative weeklies that carry it, or the beautifully designed books about it - amidst all the horrid circumstances there's some wonderful artwork, and there's a sense of the way comics looked in the 1920s about it that's pretty compelling. Though you kind of forget that when you get punchlines like, "Say Tommy, when you masturbate, what do you do with the cum?" (If you're intrigued and want more, go here.)

There were some animated shorts made of the strip that semi-bowdlerize it, and lose a lot of their punch in the process. But this one has a line that's so unexpected it kills me (it's when the guy's rowing the boat).

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Anonymous said...

You know, they are considering turning it into a show on Adult Swim. You can see the pilot on their site somewhere.