Tuesday, June 26, 2007

RemDawg gets down

One of the bummer things about major league baseball and NESN is that they're very vigilant about getting Red Sox clips taken down from YouTube. This means that I can't keep current the post where Denis Leary visits the announcer's booth and goes off on Mel Gibson (though you can see it here), and I didn't even try posting the clip where Manny Ramirez gives his teammate Julian Tavarez a head rub (have a look at that here). But the following clip has been around for a couple months, so I'm going to guess it'll stay here for a while.

Jerry Remy played second base for the Red Sox in the late '70s and early '80s, and has turned a very deep knowledge of the game into a fine career as the color commentator for Sox games on the New England Sports Network. He's got a thick Bahstin accent ("Tigizz" for "Tigers" is a favorite), and at least twice a month he and Don Orsillo, the play by play man, go on laughing jags that are always, always funny.

Here's Jerry, unafraid to look ridiculous, getting even the semi-bland Tom Caron to lose his breath from laughter.

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