Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Don't call me Shirley, either

I love the fact that somebody took the time to put this clip together...

When the seminal comedy Airplane! came out in 1980, many people recognized it as a spoof of Airport and other such disaster movies. What they may not have known is how closely it resembled one movie in particular - Zero Hour!, which came out in 1957. The ZAZ team bought the rights to that movie and used way more of the screenplay than you might think.

How much more? See for yourself. (And after all these years, the "get a hold of yourself *slap*" scene still cracks me up.)


Squelch said...

Was that General Jack D. Ripper at the end????

Patrick said...

Yessirreebob - Sterling Hayden himself offering to buy Ted a drink and shake his hand (though he does deny him his essence.)