Friday, January 25, 2008

Norm makes talk show hosts laugh hard

Some people think Norm Macdonald is a riot. Some don't. I do. So do late night talk show hosts. That mix of his who-cares delivery and his sacred-cows-make-the-best-burgers approach are pretty much comedy gold.

Here he is interrupting Conan O'Brien's somewhat bland interview of Courtney Thorne-Smith with some slams on Carrot Top that has Conan whirling in his chair.

Here he is telling a "Scrabble at a bed & breakfast" story to David Letterman.

Here's the best one. Two days after crocodile hunter Steve Irwin died, and between mocking Joe Camel and Canadian foreign minister Peter McKay, Macdonald says some lines that have Jon Stewart audibly cringing.

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Anonymous said...

Norm MacDonald is genius...PIN