Friday, January 04, 2008

Music for mourning

I'm going to be in Ithaca this weekend to celebrate my friend Doug's life, so you'll have to bear without me for a couple of days.

I've been listening to a lot of music to get me through (here's a good piece about those who do), works ranging from Mozart's "Lacrimosa" to Johnny Cash's "You'll Never Walk Alone."

It helps.

I asked my fellow posters at The Agony Booth what they would recommend and got a lot of thoughtful responses. My favorites so far have been Stevie Nicks's "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You"...

Willie Nelson's "Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain" (wonderful solo in this)...

And George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass."

I put up Ween's cover because another friend recommended their song "Fancy Pants," claiming you couldn't not smile when you heard it. He may in fact be right.

See you in a couple days...

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