Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Disney Vault

I was in Best Buy today and saw a bunch of videos under a threatening sign. "These movies will be going into the Disney Vault after January 31," it said.

Disney claims that by keeping these movies from being perenially available, it keeps the market under control and keeps things fresh for kids. The fact that it makes them big collector's items is just a happy accident. Yeah surrrrre.

Robert Smigel, creator of SNL's "TV's Funhouse," had a bull's-eye take on this. Not only does it mock the whole vault process, it also mocks the horrid sequels to classic movies. In this case, that would be Bambi.

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sam l. said...

And they're getting more and more desperate with each passing month. I'm fifty percent sure I remember them threatening to send Cinderella 2 into the vaults a bit ago.

Can anyone explain to me what they could put in a sequel to Cinderella? I think the plot was wrapped up by the end there. What part of "and they lived happily ever after" don't you understand?