Thursday, January 24, 2008

Boom... ba ba boom... ba ba boom...

Aside from having the best opening bass line of any TV theme song in history, Barney Miller (season 2 now available on DVD) was hailed as being one of the most accurate police shows by actual policemen. It focused less on the action and crimesolving and more on the squad room tedium. And oh, it was so well written. I guarantee there are people who remember where they were the first time they heard an accidentally stoned Yemana say, "What do you say we guys go down to the beach, and shoot some clams?"

Okay, that might work better in context. But this bit stands up okay on its own.

And here's a great outtake from the final night of shooting the third season. Long hours and lack of sleep make everyone pretty giddy, and who knows when and how a rubber chicken can come in handy?

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