Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Open wide and say AAUUUGHH!

I'm going to the dentist today. I'm not too nervous about it - six months ago I went for the first time in two years, and passed with flying enamel. Still, there's enough squirmy edginess that I need a look at how bad it could be.

And what better place to look than Little Shop of Horrors? (Actually, there is a better place, but I'll save that for the next dental trip.)

The 1960 version, filmed in two days, featured this turn by a pre-fame, pre-bald, post-scenery-chewing Jack Nicholson.

In the 1986 musical, the role was taken by Bill Murray, who, rumor has it, ad-libbed all his dialogue. When that results in the best scene in the movie, who am I to carp?


Squelch said...

Is it safe?

Patrick said...

Update: The dentist told me my teeth were "like the Rock of Gibraltar." So let's hear it for my dead, gray choppers.