Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I'm too sexy for this blog

Right Said Fred had exactly one hit song, but it's still resonating with us today. It's a perfect novelty - it's got lyrics that are easily memorable, easily adapted, and idealize what we want to be. Plus it's exactly the right length. Can you think of a song that ended better?

It's also the soundtrack to an awful lot of fan vids. It's great fun matching image to lyric, and any number of subjects have gotten the treatment. Sadly, the Jon Stewart / Stephen Colbert version was pulled from YouTube (trust me, it was fantastic), but there are loads more, starring everyone from Homer Simpson to Harry Potter.

Here are a couple I fancy: wunza Pirates of the Carribean tribute...

...and wunza look at the lads from Liverpool. Watch out for John flashing you 1:38 in.


Squelch said...

Shit, I could do that. :0

Patrick said...

Go for it, laddie!