Friday, February 09, 2007

Y'know what, Stuart? I like you!

The Dead Milkmen's best-known song is "Punk Rock Girl," but a good number of their songs matched and even exceeded that peak. One of my favorites was "Stuart," from the same album that housed "Punk Rock Girl," Beelzebubba (my copy had a sticker with an endorsement from Detroit Tiger infielder Jim Walewander). It's basically a rant by an ignorant trailer park resident.

There are two videos of people lip-synching this up on YouTube, and I thought you'd like to do a little comparing and contrasting.

This guy takes a laid-back approach, of a fella sittin' on the porch and shootin' the shit...

...wheras this one is kinda manic and includes some pacing around shots that gives the whole thing a little more variety.

Both equally valid interpretations. Saaaaaaa-lute!

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