Sunday, September 02, 2007

You should be dancing

I'd like to take a moment to thank Deputy Dog for linking to my blog on his site; it's doubled the number of people who've stopped by, and I'm happy for the company.

There have been a couple of interesting sites linking to mine; the Yahoo message board for US global investors linked to my Zero Hour/Airplane post (I sure didn't see that one coming). But the biggest surprise was discovering that readers of Julie Andrews Online had stopped by to see her scary movie mashup trailers.

This next clip is for them. (And they should also check out The Great White Dope while they're at it.)

It was fun to see a clip of Gene Kelly in action that I'd never known existed. It's also nice to hear the guy's part in "Supercalietc." sung without a trace of a would-be Cockney accent.

As long as we're looking at one of the great male movie dancers, we might as well take a look at the other one - Fred Astaire, of course. This is my favorite work of his, and it's not with Ginger Rogers - rather, it's with Eleanor Powell, in Broadway Melody of 1940. The clip's actually taken from the documentary That's Entertainment, with Frank Sinatra narrating.

Both of them are stunning, and considering that this is clearly videotaped off a TV screen, the visual quality's not too bad at all.


Sam L. said...

Ha ha! I am up before you can post something new! Victory is mine!

Patrick said...

I may have outslept you this time, Sam - but I'll be back!

deputydog said...

the pleasure's all mine mate.