Saturday, September 01, 2007

Good God amighty

This is the weekend that college football starts, and I'm going to put up a couple of great finishes for your enjoyment. And don't assume you won't just because you're not a football fan.

First we have The Play, in the famous Stanford vs. Cal game of 1982, featuring five laterals and the band on the field. This particular clip is notable for featuring John Elway's remarkable drive right before the madness, not to mention Joe Starkey's delirious call.

But this is the one that's most entertaining. It's got what may be the greatest comeback in high school football history, in a 1994 game between Plano East and John Tyler. Plano was down 41-17 with less than three minutes to play, and they mount an amazing comeback. But what makes this clip is the announcers, three Texas good ol' boys who throw all semblance of impartiality out the window. You have to watch this to the end, just to hear what they say.

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