Thursday, September 06, 2007

Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment

The Cramps have a lot of claims in the music world. They have some of the greatest punk names - Lux Interior, Poison Ivy Rorschach, and drummer Nick Knox, to name a few. They put psychobilly music on the map. But perhaps the most amazing of all is their playing the absolute punkest punk concert.

They gave a performance at a mental hospital.

God knows how, but they got permission to bring their sleazy-and-proud-of-it songs to the Napa State Mental Hospital, where they played for thoroughly medicated patients who lurched and jumped and wandered onstage and grabbed them... Not that that doesn't describe their usual audience, but you get the point.

It sounds like an exaggerated rumor, doesn't it? Well, their performance was immortalized by one video camera shooting in black and white, and the evidence lives on today. Here they are doing the Jack Scott song "The Way I Walk."

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