Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Who's gayer - Picard or Costanza?

I was lucky enough to see Love! Valour! Compassion! ("Terrible! Title!" - New Yorker) in its off-Broadway production. Nathan Lane originated the part of Buzz, but when I saw it, his understudy was playing the part (I forget his name, but he harassed Ralph Fiennes in the phone booth in Quiz Show). The rest of the cast remained the same. They were intact for the film version as well, only this time Buzz was played by Jason Alexander, who deliberately chose a part as far from the homophobic George as he could get (and inadvertently outed a lot of people when he announced he was the first straight person to play the part).

Another off-Broadway play from around the same time was Jeffrey, written by the very funny Paul Rudnick. The movie version starred Patrick Stewart as Sterling, and he was way, way better than Steven Weber as the title character. So good, in fact, that while these clips are fun...'s even more fun to see him in a full scene.

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