Friday, August 10, 2007

IN July, peas grow there

Orson Welles. The name conjures up so many magical moments. The "War of the Worlds" broadcast... "Rosebud"... The Magnificent Ambersons... Touch of Evil... and of course, the stirring catch phrase at the end of this ad:

But there's a segment of America that knows him best for his outtakes. He's either plowed or blustering, and what comes out is strangely riveting, and not just in a "how the mighty have fallen" sort of way. Here he is staggering through another Paul Masson ad.

And here's his legendary "Frozen Peas" for Findus frozen foods. The audio is the real McCoy, but these are actors reenacting it, and brilliantly.

This clip has been parodied on The Critic, Animaniacs, and Pinky and the Brain, which does it note for note.

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Anonymous said...

"Oh, what luck! There's a french fry stuck in my beard!"

First time I saw that I almost wet myself.

- PN