Thursday, August 02, 2007

My traditional wedding present

I'm going to western New York state for a few days to attend a wedding; I don't know if I'll have internet access or not, so if I don't, I wanted to get this post in now...

I'm not exactly rolling in wealth; Andrew Jackson and I are barely nodding acquaintances, and Ben Franklin's but a rumor. So when I go to weddings these days, my gift is usually pretty low budget. But it's a good one (don't worry, the impending bride & groom don't know about this blog) - this book, a collection of Matisse painting illustrating the lyrics to Leonard Cohen's song "Dance Me To The End Of Love," plus a CD recording of the song.

I've heard it takes place in a concentration camp, but I can't confirm that that's the case. At any rate, it's a gorgeous song, and there are a lot of versions available on YouTube. This one, though, suits my purposes best. Use it as the soundtrack in your life. Go ahead. I dare you.

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