Friday, May 04, 2007


I was considering marking the anniversary of the Kent State shootings today, but not even learning that Chrissie Hynde was one of the protestors could make it a non-gloomy post.

Besides, something else is going on today that's making everything awesome - Spiderman 3 has arrived at a theater near me. They say this one cost a quarter of a billion dollars to make. You have to wonder why - particularly when there are so many good examples of how quality Spidey can be made with much less.

For instance, here he is on Family Guy...

...on Electric Company (with Morgan Freeman as the cop)... portrayed by Jack Black...

...and Sound of Music kid-grown-up Nicholas Hammond on the '70s TV version (LOVE that theme music).

And if all these clips took too long, here's the first movie in five (or so) seconds.

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Squelch said...

I loved that TV show. The movie they did, about mind control, has stayed with me to this day.