Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Greedo Does NOT Shoot First

Movie Theater Memory #1: I attended opening night of the revamped Star Wars in '97. When Han faced off against Greedo, we all waited for his sneaky shooting under the table - only to see Greedo take a shot at him first, somehow missing despite being two feet away and BEING A FRIGGING BOUNTY HUNTER. I can tell you that there were no boos - just confusion. Greedo wasn't the only one who didn't see this coming and didn't like it.

Movie Theater Memory #2: I'm watching Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back in a sparsely populated theater. It contained the line "Making a Jay and Silent Bob movie is about as stupid as having Greedo shoot first." And I, completely involuntarily, jumped up and went, "YEAH!" Everybody turned around. Embarrassed the hell out of myself.

Anyway, here's the way it once was...

...the way it became after Lucas did his dirty work...

...and the way it would be in a perfect world.

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