Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Banjo. Accordion. Just Accept It.

There's an old joke: "What's the definition of perfect pitch? When you throw a banjo in a dumpster and it lands right on the accordion."

Aw, hell, they're not that bad. And as if you couldn't guess, I've got the proof right here.

First, John Williams's main theme, seen over half a million times on YouTube already...

...and now a medley of multiple themes, seen less than two thousand times.

Now why is that? Is the banjo that much cheerier than the accordion? Is the theme that much better known? Is the clip that much shorter? Well, at any rate, good on them.

Oh, wait, one more joke: what's the difference between a (banjo)(accordion) player driving down the road and a frog driving down the road? There's a slight chance that the frog might be going to a gig. Thank you! I'll be here all week!

1 comment:

bujo_tang said...

your facility with the piano accordion knows bounds. Keep up the good work; you know, playing the 'Box,' "out of the box."