Sunday, May 06, 2007

Mesa say "Hoo hoo!"

I once wrote a review for a book that said it was selling faster than a pile of "I Hate Jar Jar" bumper stickers. Three years later I wrote another one that modified it to "I Still Hate Jar Jar" bumper stickers. Everybody still got it.

There was never a more hated character in the Star Wars saga than Jar Jar Binks. I was about to say "more divisive," but I don't know of anyone who liked him. He was called everything from imbecilic to a racist caricature, and was pushed deep into the background for the following films.

But I now have one good thing to say about him: If he didn't exist, neither would this video.

This is "Daffy's Rhapsody," voiced by the brilliant Mel Blanc. Even with your eyes closed it's a fantastic piece, and while I'd understand if you want to keep your eyes closed as this plays, this one time you would be missing out.

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Nona said...

Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the kind words about my vid.