Thursday, April 12, 2007

My my my my Mitchell

Joe Don Baker's had a decent career in the movies. He appeared in Cool Hand Luke, Cape Fear, Fletch, Mars Attacks!, and two Bond movies. His signature role may well be Buford Pusser, the heroic sheriff in Walking Tall.

But to fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000, he will forever be... Mitchell.

The trailer almost makes the film look dynamic, doesn't it? Well, here are Joel and the 'bots in fine form, mocking a chase scene that's so slow you can practically see a white Ford Bronco lapping them.

And I'd certainly be remiss if I didn't include these twelve seconds, when Joel spots just about the last thing you'd ever want to see on Mitchell's nightstand.

For more MST3K Mitchell (one of their best), click here.

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Anonymous said...

We were so simple back then. weren't we? I mean, that looked like a Made for TV movie, much less something rated "R". What would that get nowadays? "PG" for some mild violence and baby oil? Nice post - PN