Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mitch All Together

One of the ways I use to get to sleep is to listen to a spoken word CD really quietly. I lie still so I can hear it, and my focusing on it keeps my mind from wandering all over the place. Beats counting sheep.

For the past three weeks the sandman and I have been listening to the late Mitch Hedberg. I love his stuff. If Steven Wright did more drugs, he'd be Mitch Hedberg. Then again, he might be dead too.

But what I like best about Hedberg is his delivery. It combines fast and laid-back in a rhythm that's just as funny as the joke itself. Once you get a sense of it, try saying some Steven Wright jokes in a Mitch Hedberg way.

Here he is on Letterman, very nervous but totally in control, much like toothpaste with tartar. Pick up both of his CDs if you have trouble sleeping or laughing. You will be satisfied.

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