Sunday, April 01, 2007

Action Jackson - he utilizes assonance!

I'm a regular contributor to the Agony Booth website, where inferior movies are given very thorough recappings in detached ironic voices. (I'm not a recapper - I just participate in the forums.) This is where I learned of these clips.

Albert, the capo di tutti capi at The Agony Booth, found a posting complaining of the lack of Action Jackson on YouTube. It gives some very solid examples of the movie's greatness, and, at the end, a great suggestion for search keywords.

So Albert obliged by posting this part of the film, where Mr. Jackson catches up to a speeding taxi on foot and punches in its windshield. It shot the movie to the front of my Bad Movie Rental queue.

Unfortunately, his membership was canceled and the clip vanished, so here it is with the never-fail touch of comic gold applied, viz. speeding it up a little and dubbing in "Yakety Sax."

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Sam L. said...

Carl Weather's best appearance was in Arrested Development.

"I had myself a stew goin'!"