Sunday, November 18, 2007

Withnail & I, together again

Withnail and I is one of the great cult classics of the last 20 years, as well as being one of the most quotable. Just a few scenes to give you the flavor, on the off-chance you're unfamiliar: Withnail demanding to have some booze - twice...

...and at film's end, quoting Hamlet to the wolves.

The film's so special to so many that news that the two stars, Paul McGann and Richard E. Grant, were reuniting for a short film, their first time together in two decades, was a complete and unexpected thrill, the cult-movie equivalent of John and Paul going back to the studio together in 1990. The result, Always Crashing in the Same Car, was fascinating in part for the gentle McGann having the much darker role.

Here's the trailer for it. Enjoy with the Camberwell Carrot of your choice.

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