Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Great Lost Albums

Pure by the Primitives was a cassette I picked up and bought on nothing more or less than a hunch. I'd never heard of them, never heard any of their songs - but there was something that compelled me to buy that tape. Usually this impulse buying is a huge mistake on my part, but this time it turned out beautifully.

The Primitives were basically one part Blondie, one part Jesus and Mary Chain. Their guitars could buzz, roar, and jangle, but the point of the band was the songs, with more hooks than a strip of Velcro and the sweetness of Tracy Tracy's vocals lilting above.

Here are a few videos of songs from the album to give you an idea. First, the best-known thanks to a later appearance in Dumb and Dumber, "Crash."

Next, an earlier single, "Thru the Flowers."

Finally, a pretty bad video for a pretty great kiss-off song, "Way Behind Me."

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Willie said...

wow, thanks they are pretty good! or were. who knows what they're doing now. Shame they've disappeared so thoroughly, and that I and few others heard of them in their heyday/hay day. Hey?