Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hee-hee-heere's Tom with the weather

Local news has some fascinating things about it. (No, really, stay with me on this.) One of the most fascinating is the number of mistakes that make it on the air - there's a reason these folks aren't on network - and how the reaction isn't horror, but a giddy sort of schoolkid excitement, like they just got away with something.

YouTube is loaded with all sorts of goofs from the six o'clock news; here are a few favorites. There's the anchors who get into a giggle fit at a runway model's tumble. Listen as one starts to apologize and the other interrupts him so they can see it again.

There's the one who inadvertently starts a catfight.

Another giggle fit during a report on vasectomies, with absolutely brilliant camera work.

And finally, here's my favorite, one the poster titled "The Most Perfect Technical Glitch."

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