Saturday, October 06, 2007

Rah rah rah! We're going to smash the oiks!

Who would have thought that such a nice gentle song from Cliff Richard would become the theme song to one of the loudest, most violent, anarchic sitcoms ever created?

The Young Ones - Rik, Vyvyan, Neil, and Mike - were four students at Scumbag University sharing squalid housing and squabbling at the top of their lungs, with surrealism, puppets, random subliminal flashes, and Alexi Sayle popping in for good measure. Like all good British kult komedy klassix, it lasted twelve episodes and will hopefully live on forever.

Here are a couple of great moments from the "Bambi" episode. First there's this moment, where Vyvyan loses his head. Then there's the match between Oxbridge and Scumbag. Dig if you will the presence of Academy Award winner Emma Thompson.


David Bennett said...

Can't find anywhere to put this, so I am putting it here..

Loved your comment on

"Those are paintings?? Good Christ. I’ve got friends who don’t look that realistic."

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the brilliant duo of Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie, the latter more well known for his eponymous role on "House."