Friday, September 29, 2006

Da pain! Da pain!

Remember when Love Boat and Fantasy Island were on back to back? My folks wouldn't let us stay up for either one, so I never got the full impact, but the ads would always look so cool. I can still hear Ernie Anderson's voice saying, "Then the Loooove Boat saaails."

Of course, the most memorable character from either show has to be Tattoo, played by Herve Villechaize. He made the colossal mistake of thinking he was too big for the show and leaving, only to find there weren't too many roles out there for someone of his physical stature. This led to a downward spiral that ended in suicide in 1993.

But did you know he could sing?

Let's take a vote. Do you prefer his performance of "This Is All I Ask" on The Dinah Shore Show?

Or his performance of "Why Do People Have To Fight" on Mike Douglas?

'Stache or split screen? Either way, I like to think, we all win.

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