Thursday, July 12, 2007


I'm a regular reader of Crooks and Liars, an unapologetically liberal/progressive blog that documents current events and does it pretty damn well. Besides the fact that it's updated constantly (always a treat when you're websurfing), they have a different music video clip every day, usually with thoughtful commentary of some sort.

Today they featured Tanita Tikarum and asked the question, "Can you think of any songs you positively knew would be a hit if they just got some radio exposure– but that never did?"

This is the song that vaulted to my mind.

I have very few pictures on my walls, and a signed photo of Astrid Williamson is one of them. Not only is she drop-dead gorgeous, she's got great songwriting skills and a wonderful voice that would make grown men and women weep if only they could hear her. If you can find a copy of Boy For You, her debut album, no price is too high.


Squelch said...

My choice. Actually any song from this album.

Patrick said...

Hey, that's a damn good song! I'm adding that to my "CDs I'd Buy If I Could Afford Them" list. Thanks, Squelch.