Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Best of MeTube

One year and 356 posts ago, I began sharing my favorite clips off of YouTube to you, my virtual audience. Today I'm going to share my favorite favorites of the past year. (Sadly, nobody submitted their favorites, so the mix CD prize will just have to go to me.) Sure, they're reruns, but it's summertime and time for reruns anyway.

In reverse order, tenth favorite to favorite favorite, here they are:

#10. The Temptations performing "For Once In My Life."

#9. The Moody Rudy toy.

#8. The Billy Nayer Show.

#7. "You'll Come One Day."

#6. The Ball Buster Toy.

#5. Miami Bugs.

#4. The Hungarian sausage commercial.

#3. "Sister Ray" on Lawrence Welk.

#2. The GI Joe PSA parody with "The Motorcycle Song."

#1. Vader Sessions.

Let's hope there are some equally good clips to come for year two.

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Squelch said...

Yay one year!

I kept putting off entering. Sorry...