Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Fourth of July

I'm about as far from jingoistic as you can get. In high school I got spoken to more than once for not saluting the flag. And there's a lot of problems I have with the country and the way it's run. Nevertheless, it does mean something to me to be an American.

Take, for instance, my reaction to this clip.

Rick Monday, playing for the Chicago Cubs at the time, literally risked his life to keep these protesters from burning the flag, after which the crowd spontaneously began singing "God Bless America." I'll bet money he still gets letters about that to this day. Good. It just makes me feel so positive when he comes swooping in at the last second like that.

Oh, and just to show I have other ways of showing appreciation for the country, here's the classic anthem from Team America: World Police.

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