Friday, April 11, 2008

The Last Post

Wow. The end. I'll never post here again. (But I will try and keep the clips as current as I can.)

Before I post the clip, I'd like to thank a few people.

First, I'd like to thank the people who knew me before MeTube was a twinkle in my eye, who came by on a regular basis. That means you, Jim & Steph in Maine, Zach and Heather in DCish, Mike Daisey in NYC, Paul in NJ, and John in LA.

Next, I'd like to thank those who met me through MeTube. It's nice discovering all those out there who have a similar way of thinking. So thanks to Millie Wink (who still kept watching even after the offensive stuff), Sam L., The Great White Dope (who made me understand how important it was to credit your sources), and Deputy Dog (who doubled my traffic when he recommended me on his web site).

Most especially, I'd like to thank Jason Soto. He said to me (I'm paraphrasing through Elvis in "Suspicious Minds"), "Let's don't let a good thing die." So he'll be taking over the MeTube mantle. I give you MeTube: The Next Generation. Jason has my confidence, and I look forward to seeing what he'll do.

UPDATE: I have gone on to start another blog, similar to MeTube, except it's geared toward pop culture that touches on Maine, however tangentially. If you're interested, check it out here.

Now, let's go on to the final clip.

I weighed a lot of options for this. I would like to post the last scene in WKRP, to mirror my posting a scene from the pilot on my first post, but this is one of those shows that keeps getting pulled from YouTube, so forget that.

I thought of posting other sitcom final scenes (Newhart, Cheers, M*A*S*H), but that's speaking more for them and not for me.

I already posted the Saw Doctors' "I'll Be On My Way" back in January. (What an awesome song that is.)

But to be honest, there was one clip I've had in mind for months, and nothing could have possibly proved itself better. It's the final moments of Dr. Strangelove, where Vera Lynn sings "We'll Meet Again."

Take care, God bless, and I truly do look forward to some sunny day.


deputydog said...

sad to see you go mate.
good luck with everything.

Jason Soto said...

Wow. This almost bought a tear to my eye.
And thank you for all the entertainment. Best of luck to you and your novel.
Here's to hoping I can live up to everyone's expectations!

Mike said...

I'll miss this...I can only hope your curatorial powers return to the web in some other form in the future.

Be well,


Anonymous said...

Heavens! The end of MeTube in its current incarnation! A sad day for readers, but a happy one for you, methinks, as it's a harbinger of good things to come. I'll be in touch. - Paul in NJ

Anonymous said...
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VictoriaJefferies05 said...
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妝狂 said...
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LewisMCYoutube said...

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I then decided to visit your new blog. But it just led to a 404.
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