Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Best of MeTube 2

Last year I posted my favorite clips from the previous twelve months. I'm not going to make it to the two year mark, but I still came up with ten favorites since that posting.

Actually, I came up with more, but some links are no longer live, while others are in constant danger of coming down. So these are my top ten favorites that I hope will stay on YouTube for a long time to come. (The future will show us how ridiculous that last sentence turns out to be.)

10. The top 10 WTF moments in Mystery Science Theater 3000.

9. One of the "Two Girls, One Cup" reactions.

8. The incredibly filthy Ed McMahon.

7. "Thriller" a cappella.

6. The Police via A Charlie Brown Christmas.

5. The Saul Bass Star Wars credits.

4. Fenway Park sings the National Anthem.

3. "The Laws Have Changed" video by the New Pornographers.

2. The final scene from My So-Called Life.

1. Perry Como - Still Alive.

Bubbling under: Woody Allen in Play It Again, Sam...

and "When Your Mind's Made Up" from Once.

Cheating? Hell yeah! Whattaya gonna do, fire me?

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