Saturday, March 29, 2008

Joe Raposo, genius

Joe Raposo's best known for his work with Sesame Street, having composed "Sing (Sing a Song)" and "Bein' Green." He's done some other pretty great stuff, too (including the Three's Company theme and four songs on Ol' Blue Eyes is Back; the record company talked Sinatra out of recording an entire album of Raposo songs).

But you all know me; I've got to focus on the kiddie stuff.

A couple of big favorites of mine are "Take a Bweaf" and "There's a Bird On Me."

He performed the vocals for more than a few of the Sesame Street songs, in a really nice tenor voice; this is him singing "Trying and Trying Again" and "Somebody Come and Play."

And here's the man himself acting out a battle with the letters "UN." I'd say his gift for physical comedy is on a par with that of his songwriting.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there Patrick --

Yep, Joe Raposo's work is incredible. He's a big influence on my own music (which I describe as "what would happen if Brian Wilson and Harry Nilsson collaborated on Sesame Street").

It's kind of strange how few people seem to know who Joe Raposo is, but everybody knows at least a few songs that he wrote ("Sing," "Bein' Green," "C is for Cookie," the theme to "Thre's Company," etc.).

Jeff Boller
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