Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fatthew Sweet

I have about ten Matthew Sweet albums, and his 1991 masterpiece Girlfriend holds a permanent place in my top 15. Saw him live once, and I was surprised at how solidly he was built. Like a linebacker, I remember thinking.

But Matthew, come on, what happened to you? To quote Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, David Crosby thinks you've let yourself go.

I mean, here he is making his television debut on Letterman, playing a storming "Girlfriend," with the late Robert Quine playing one hell of a lead guitar.

Now here he is 16ish years later, duetting with once and future Bangle Susanna Hoffs on a cover of the Beatles' "Rain."

Seriously, I see him in this and I worry for his health. The music's still pretty great and Hoffs looks glorious, but I just keep looking at Matthew and wincing. I hope he's not ruined or anything...


Anonymous said...

Is that a "longbox" Letterman's holding up?!?! Hah! Remember those?

I think Matthew Sweet is trying out for the Screaming Trees. Or maybe that's Hurley from "Lost." Or maybe it's the Aint It Cool News guy. THen again, I shouldn't talk...


Anonymous said...

eh, he might want to mix in a salad. I was looking more at Susanna.