Saturday, March 08, 2008

I'd love a bite of your sandwich

I'm going to spend many of the next 24 hours driving up to Mount Desert Island, where I'll be housesitting for the next two weeks. I'm told the house is all wired up for the Internet, so I'm bringing the computer with me in order to keep MeTube going. But just in case I can't do a timely update, I'm putting a longish one up here today.

This is an episode of Fishing With John, a very, very deadpan look at fishing in various spots around the world with actor/musician John Lurie and a different guest star every show. Unlike most of these sorts of shows, we get a lot of the dead-air moments. I suspect the show prefers these times to the times they actually catch something.

This show's guest is Tom Waits, so you know we're talking classic. It's a half hour long, in three parts.


millie wink said...

thanks, I used to watch this show on video, and I saw all of them. It didn't last long, less than a season, I think. Very droll stuff, a lot like the tone of Jim Jarmusch movies (which John of course took part in, as did Tom Waits). I remember that Matt Dillon came across as quite the aloof jerk in his episode.

sam l. said...

I guess the Internet didn't work up there after all...