Saturday, March 24, 2007

Is Jerry Lewis your type?

One of Jerry Lewis's most famous bits is his miming to "The Typewriter Song" by Leroy Anderson. Here he is doing it in his movie Who's Minding the Store? It's not easy; you'll notice Jerry screws up a couple of times, but doesn't let that stop him.

There's a number of recreations of this on YouTube. It's easy to see why. Your webcam's right there, you don't have to leave your chair, it's fairly brief, there's no language barrier (helpful for the French!), and it takes enough dexterity that doing it's a real achievement, fun to show and fun to share.

So here are a bunch of them right in a row.

The last one's totally my favorite. It's a teenage girl from Vegas, and not only is it fun to see a girl imitate Jerry Lewis (and well), but she's so winsome as she does it.

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