Monday, January 22, 2007

VD Is For Everybody

Back in the '40s, soldiers were shown a film warning about having unprotected sex and its consequences. The film had to be pulled because soldiers felt the actress in the film was so attractive, they were willing to get an STD just to be with her.

This '70s ad reminded me of that story.

It's just so peppy, in a Big Band way. Everybody looks so happy, don't they?

PS - I like the viewer's comment that the jogger at :48 looks like Bill O'Reilly. I have to say, there's some real wit in a lot of the viewer comments. Sure, there's a few too many "LMAO!" and "I just wasted two minutes of my life," but I've laughed out loud more than once at some of the thing people have to say. Dry wit is this nation's saving grace.

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heatherfeather said...

it's nice to know that VD can be for me, too!