Sunday, December 31, 2006

Mac Magic

My friend John in LA was born on the last day of the '60s, which makes him 37 today. John, your package is going to be a little late this year, but this post is dedicated to you - hope that'll tide you over...

In addition to being a great writer, teacher and raconteur (not to mention knowing the chart position of any song from the first half of the '80s), John's the one who taught me that Fleetwood Mac aren't just a band - they're a way of life. So here are a couple of Mac-related clips that, I think, are a perfect way to see 2006 out and welcome 2007 in.

First we have FM Mark I performing - all right, synching to - "Albatross."

I love how complete this song feels. All the guitarists (Peter Green, Danny Kirwan and Jeremy Spencer) get to shine, but each solo is a part of the whole, not an opportunity to show off. The song influenced John Lennon when he wrote "Sun King" for Abbey Road.

Speaking of Abbey Road...

Lindsey Buckingham had to fill three pairs of shoes (four if you count Bob Welch), and he did so with incredibly cerebral, intricate playing. This is him on a year-end wrap-up, playing a cover of "Here Comes the Sun" in honor of the recently deceased George Harrison. I wouldn't go so far as to say he makes the song his, but he definitely puts his own stamp on it.

That concludes the first six months of this blog. As Peter Jennings says at the end of this, thank you very much and happy new year.

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