Saturday, December 23, 2006

I'm trying to rig up these lights!

From yesterday's "Twelve Days of Christmas," we're moving on to "Twelve Pains of Christmas" by Bob Rivers. This is one of my favorite Christmas songs ever; the Woodyesque "Hangovizz" makes me smile, and the building furor of the lights guy never stops making me laugh. I also like how this reeks of N'Yawk/Joisey. "Say-ehlvation Aumy," "Gotta make 'em dinnah," "terlet paper"... It's a dialectologist's dream.

I've got two different animated takes on the song, both of them beautifully edited to the beats. One is an anime one.

I'm so ignorant on anime that the only character I recognize is a vague Robin, and that can't be right. I guess I'm more old school. To that end, here's a Nightmare Before Christmas version.

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Sam L. said...

The anime one is from the cartoon Teen Titans, so yes, that is Robin. They needlessly added anime eyes to the cartoon version. (Or maybe it was like that on the American comic book too, I don't know.)

So yes, that's Robin.