Friday, October 06, 2006

Look Around You

I'm going to be in Maine for the next few days, where the only computer available to me has a dial-up connection and a time limit. So I'm taking a few days off from any postings.

But I'd hate for you loyal readers to have nothing to do for a while, so I'm going to put on an entire series. It'll take you about an hour and a quarter to watch the whole thing; if you parcel it out carefully, you'll have enough entertainment to last you until I get back.

Look Around You is a British parody of classroom videos, set during the early '80s. They're nine-minute shorts, give or take a minute, of straight-faced satire, and I find them incredibly funny - or, in British, bloody funny. Enjoy.

Part 1 - Maths

Part 2 - Water

Part 3 - Germs

Part 4 - Ghosts

Part 5 - Sulphur

Part 6 - Music

Part 7 - Iron

Part 8 - The Brain

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