Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bullet. Tracer Bullet.

Calvin & Hobbes, the best comic strip of the past quarter century, had occasions when Calvin would take on the character of Tracer Bullet, private eye. It gave artist Bill Watterson the opportunity to do great work with his art (lots of shadows and Dutch angles) and fine passes at doing hard-boiled narration.

Watterson, of course, isn't one to permit animation of his creations, for which he has been both blessed and cursed. (Confidentially, I bless.) But that's no reason for fans not to take a whack at reenacting the strips. Here are two flatteringly devotional videos which do just that.


millie wink said...

you oughta see the movie Brick. Very funny faux-noir dialogue and plot, all set in a contemporary high school.

Patrick said...

I've seen it, and I totally love it. "Coffee and pie, oh my."