Friday, November 03, 2006

A True Love of Mine

It makes me feel good to watch this.

Lots of people were surprised when Johnny Cash invited Bob Dylan to be on his show back in 1969. How could this country giant deign to dirty his hands in rock and roll?

But Cash and Dylan had had a good relationship. When Dylan went electric and folk fans raised a ruckus, Cash wrote an open letter to the folk magazine Broadside that ended, "Shut up and let him sing!" There's footage of them singing backstage in '66 on Scorsese's No Direction Home documentary. And Cash wrote the liner notes for Dylan's Nashville Skyline (won a Grammy for 'em, too), the album that showcases their duet on "Girl from the North Country."

I just love watching them play the same chords together. Cash looks like a big brother. And the way they laugh at the end. It's nice, that's all.

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